T2 Aquatics – Training Camp Day 6

This was Day 6 of our Training Trip to Islamorada. On Day 2, our group of HS Boys did 40×50 (40) LCM — holding a strong pace. As we went through our training cycle for the week, we came back to the 50s….did a little bit more…..and adjusted the intervals so:

  1. it was a little bit less intense overall (although it was a longer set)
  2. the opportunity was there to swim faster on the (40) interval.

I had a FINS set scheduled to finish the practice, but changed it to a less draining but still effective wall kick set.

Wednesday January 3, 2013

1×500 {25 Swim + 25 Drill + 25 Kick + 25 Scull on Back, feet first}

4×200 IM (320) — “Quarters” — #1 Fast Free; #2 Fast Breast; #3 Fast Back; #4 Fast Fly

3×200 Paddles (3) — #1 Right Paddle; #2 Left Paddle; #3 Both Paddles

8×50 (1) — odds 35M Free + 15M Stroke Drill + evens 15M Stroke Swim Strong + 35M Free Fast

1×300 {25 Free + 50 Stroke Drill + 25 Scull on Back}

60×50 Free — 6 on (45) moderate + 4 on (40) Fast

200 easy

Wall Kick 20 on / 20 off …x7

200 easy


Additional Comments
50s can be an effective way to train endurance, and a nice break from the 200s, 150s, and 300s many coaches like to use. In addition, younger people tend to get a lot out of the repetitive repeats as long as the coach is asking for a variety of pace-distances over the course of a week/month cycle.

Wall Kick is a lost art! If you haven’t been doing it, try it — it’s a nice break from the routine of kicking up and down the pool, and is a great way to train to get faster for the next kick set.

This free workout was provided by T2 Aquatics head coach Paul Yetter.

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