Feb 15, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Nicolas Messer

With a busy afternoon and an evening event on the agenda, I managed to sneak in a quick swim in the later morning before lunch. Relaxed aerobic “pyramid” without using any equipment.

Feb 7, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Nicolas Messer

Back to the pool this Wednesday after a few busy days that kept me out of the water. Decided to work off short blocks of 100’s mixing low-end aerobic freestyle & backstroke and sets of 25’s alternating sculling & underwater kicking.

Sep 26, 2023 – Swim Team Biel-Bienne (Beluga)

Swim Team Biel-Bienne

Tuesday evening session for the Beluga kids in Biel including two distinctive parts starting with a technique and “feel” block to set up for the short axis block and breaking things up with some longer kicking.