Mar 20, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Consistency was sort of my biggest challenge lately as professional life got busier again. Back in the pool almost a week after my last swim and thus I decided on mostly relaxed low-end aerobic work including lots of sculling and some butterfly towards the end.

Workout AM

300 as 100 free DPS, 50 back, 50 free DPS, 100 back
4×25 scull R10-15″
2×200 as 150 free DPS, 50 back @3’30
4×25 scull R10-15″
3×100 as 75 back, 25 FKOB @2′
4×25 scull R10-15″
6×50 free cruise @50″
4×25 scull R10-15″

8×25 fly DPS @40″
100 back easy

4×25 UW fly kick w/fins R10-15″
300 loosen w/fins as 50 free, 50 back


This workout was provided by Coach Nico Messer.

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