USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation

Swimming Saves Lives Foundation

U.S. Masters Swimming established the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation as its charitable arm. The purpose of SSLF is to advocate and raise awareness, and to serve as a resource for programs providing adult learn-to-swim lessons.


Jeff Julian - Rose Bowl Aquatics (USA)

Jeff joined Rose Bowl Aquatics in August of 2003 and became Head Coach in August of 2004. Jeff was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

Club Wolverine Elite

Club Wolverine Elite is a high performance swim team that trains swimmers for one reason: to compete at the Olympics. Winning an Olympic medal doesn’t just happen on its own. Club Wolverine Elite is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is only able to create life-changing experiences with the help of dedicated athletes, staff and generous donors.

Remembering Fran Crippen

Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation

Fran Crippen was a loyal ambassador of sport, fair play, and humanitarian goodwill. The Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation was developed to continue Fran’s legacy.

Colin’s Hope

We were able to make a $100 pledge to Team BEST as they participate in the Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador program.

Meet Starter by Florida Swim Network

Florida Swim Network

The Florida Swim Network is promoting the sport of swimming in the state of Florida (USA). They are broadcasting many meets in the Sunshine State and have come up with a new crowd fund project called “Meet Starter” to help support their efforts.

Planet Swim Foundation

Planet Swim Foundation

Formed in 2010, Planet Swim Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL that aims to promote the sport of swimming through education and safety by preventing drowning in communities with limited physical and financial access to both pools and water safety instruction.

Marcus Titus Fundraising Campaign

Marcus Titus

USA deaf swimmer Marcus Titus is looking to reach his goals of competing at the 2016 Olympic Trials and attend the 2017 Deaflympic Games. To make his goals and dreams to come true, Marcus needs to devote his energy and focus on training and improving his swimming.

Mallory Weggemann Mobility Fund

Mallory Weggemann - Against All Odds

On January 21, 2008 at 18 years old Mallory Weggemann became paralyzed. Since that day she has dreamed of walking again but in order to make that a reality she needs our help.