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Apr 6, 2015 – Scarborough Swim Club

Apr 6, 2015 – Scarborough Swim Club

Descending series at anaerobic threshold (active recovery). Pace times can be adjusted according to level of swimmer.


2 rounds of the following:
2 x 200 Freestyle Swim (Length of stroke, DPS) @ 03:20
1 x 200 Choice Kick @ 04:20

Main set:
3 x 200 Freestyle Swim @ 03:20 -00:20 every repeat
1 x 100 Freestyle Swim EZ @ 02:00
3 x 150 Freestyle Swim @ 02:30 -00:15 every repeat
1 x 100 Freestyle Swim EZ @ 02:00
3 x 100 Freestyle Swim @ 01:30 -00:10 every repeat
1 x 100 Freestyle Swim EZ @ 02:00
3 x 50 Freestyle Swim @ 00:45 -00:05 every repeat
1 x 200 Freestyle Swim EZ @ 04:00

Warm down:
2 x 200 Freestyle Pull Snorkel/Paddles @ 03:30
1 x 200 Choice Kick @ 04:30

Workout Total: 3800

This free workout was provided by Scarborough Swim Club Head Coach Darren Ward.

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About Darren Ward

Coach Ward has been coaching professionally in Canada for the past 20 Years. Currently Darren is the Head Coach of the Scarborough Swim Club. [Read Bio]

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What target use paddles in warm down?

Nico Messer
It’s swim down, so the goal must have been to “flush out” the system after the descend threshold freestyle series. Taking away the kick doing those 200’s pull helps and the paddles probably just keep the strength level where Coach Darren wanted for this active recovery workout. As I said many times before, it’s hard to speak for someone else and you can’t always look at individual sets of a workout to find a specific goal – usually things are connected in a workout or even over multiple sessions. Coach Darren could very well explain why he did use paddles… Read more »

Thanks. What target end warm down kick?

Nico Messer
Again, this is my opinion on someone else’s workout – not sure if you are more worried about having the interval next to the kicking at the end of the session or actually the kicking itself. Coach Darren uses an iPad App and adding the interval does give the total practice time. So when you’re planning your workout this might help with time management. If it’s more the kicking that was your question – well it’s a perfect way to swim down. No bad technique and still working a big muscle group. And of course, the kids get to take… Read more »