Jun 13, 2017 – NTSC – High Performance – Chutes and Sprints

This workout is generated to increase workload in a short period of time while focusing on finishes and racing at the end of fatigue. I like to make athletes tired, then make them race more. Using chutes to accelerate sprint work.

Workout PM

200 Swim
100 Social Kick – discussion topic: “favorite letter of the alphabet”
100 Scull/S by 25
> 2 Min Streamline

12 x 50 #1-R Side K; #2 – L Side K; #3 – Brst K w/board; #4-Fr K w/ board; last 12 1⁄2 sprint @ 1
4x 100 K w/Short fins (50 Fly kick on back in streamline; 50 R/L by 25) @ 1:40

8 x 50 Freestyle as Odd Drill*; Even MDPS – desc time; hold Stroke count @ 1
* Drill: 25 R/L – focus on having shoulder and hips rotate together to get added length; mix breath side; non-swimming arm on side.

3 x 200 Pull @ 2:30/2:45/3:00 – smooth desc 1-3 choice of gear

100 w/ chute – freestyle @ 2
2 x 50 desc 1-4 to Max effort @ 45/1/1:15 by rounds of 2
R1&2: No gear; R3&4: Padd OR Fin; R 5&6: Padd AND Fin
[Rest group #1 only does 50s on the even rounds]

100 w/ chute freestyle @ 2 – drop chute at the 75, SPRINT in; aggressive finish
50 easy @ 2 (retrieve & reload chute)
Short fins; all with Snorkel

100 easy

1 x 50 fast from blocks for time with short fins


This workout was provided by New Trier Swim Club Head Coach/CEO Alexis Keto.

Additional Comments:
Another piece is to make sure the athletes stay on form and stroke count throughout the workout, as well as work on the perfecting both technical and aggressive finish. It took longer than expected, but the kids did a great job.

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4 years ago

what benefit uesd 1×50 fins only end workouts don’t uesd after warm down?

Reply to  ehab
4 years ago

Does a workout have to have a warm down? The athletes will probably go home and sleep after this and have maybe even the following morning off, so there is plenty of “natural recovery” that can occur without the need of having a “dedicated swim down” for that 50 at the end. Using the fins, the athletes will most likely go as fast as in competition (or faster) and hopefully, their body will remember how that feels and apply it the next time they race.