Dec 24, 2009 – Lancy Natation (Camp Tenerife)

Lancy Natation

In the morning of day four during the 2009 training trip in Tenerife with Lancy Natation Elite group we got to swim in the flume channel. You’ll also notice that the yardage goes up once again before the day off on Christmas day.

Dec 22, 2009 – Lancy Natation (Camp Tenerife)

Lancy Natation

Day two of workouts from the 2009 training trip to Tenerife from Lancy Natation Elite group. Two more distance focused workouts but slowly building up some tempo. Notice that in the afternoon sessions there’s always quite a few individual time at the end to work on details specific to the athlete.

Jan 14, 2012 – Vevey Natation

Vevey Natation

Saturday morning race workout from Vevey Natation. Choose your main set according to your group – sprint, mid-distance or distance – there’s some fast swimming for everyone.

Stanford Kicking

Stanford Women’s Swimming assistant coach Chris Morgan shares one of their kick focus workouts. If you want to know how good your legs are, this workout will give you the answer.