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Sep 18, 2017 – New Trier Aquatics – Senior High Performance

Sep 18, 2017 – New Trier Aquatics – Senior High Performance

A little bit of a wet/dry workout focusing on breakout speed off of turns.


200 Swim
100 Kick
100 Scull

Kick & Squats – Pre-Set (2 rounds):
1×200 IM K @ 4 – 10 quick squats per 50 (on deck)
2 x 100 Brst K @ 215 – 5 deep squats per 25 (on-deck)
8 x 25 K UW to Blue Line @ 45 (10 burpees every 2×25)

Breakout Circuit (6 rounds):
1 x 37 Free MDPS @45 – long smooth fly kick every wall
1 x 13 Free @ 30 – start from a float, Kick first fast, no breath into wall FAST
1 x 50 K/S @ 45 – swim into the turn, fast kick UW to quick breakout & fast finish
1 x 50 MDPS freestyle @ 130 – low stroke count, practice two slo-mo breakouts
(feel the water break across your head)

> Round 3 – Left paddle (pay attention to initial breakout stroke)
> Round 4 – Right Paddle (again with the breakout stroke)
> Rounds 5&6 – short fins (use the fins to increase the speed of the breakouts)

200 easy

1 x 100 ALL OUT OFF THE BLOCKS – how fast can you go?

Workout Total: 2950

Additional Comments:
Our group has 8 guys in it right now, so it’s really easy to monitor for quality off every wall. If you have a lot of kids – it’s important to impress upon the athletes to try to hold themselves accountable for successful breakouts.

This workout was provided by New Trier Aquatics Head Coach/CEO Alexis Keto.

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About Alexis Keto

Alexis has coached at every level of the sport and is currently the Head Coach/CEO at New Trier Aquatics. [Read Bio]

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