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Stanford Kicking

Stanford Women’s Swimming assistant coach Chris Morgan shares one of their kick focus workouts. If you want to know how good your legs are, this workout will give you the answer.

800 warm-up*
(* every wall swimmer selects one of the following: 15 sec wall kick, 15m underwater, 30 sec vertical kick, 10 vertical jumps)

Main Set:
3×300 (1x freestyle (10m underwater every wall), 1x im or pull, 1x 75 fast/25 easy) always 30″ rest
12×50 w/zoomers @1min (2xkick FAST, 1x swim easy)

6×200 (2x freestyle (10m underwater every wall), 2x im or pull, 2x 50 fast/50 easy) always 20″ rest
12×50 w/zommers @1’15 (3xkick FAST, 1 swim easy)

9×100 (3x freestyle (10m underwater every wall), 3x im or pull, 3x 25 fast/75 easy) always 10″ rest
12×50 w/zoomers ALL FAST @ 1’30

Swim Down:
200 loosen


This free workout was provided by Stanford Women’s Swimming assistant coach Chris Morgan.

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About Chris Morgan

Christopher J. Morgan is Head Coach and Director of Operations of Crimson Central working with all training groups. [Full Bio]

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could you explain how training 10 vertical jumps

Nico Messer

What Coach Chris wants his athletes to do on the vertical jumps is either they get out and do vertical jumps on deck or what one may also call “Rockets” pushing off from the bottom of the pool and launching vertically with or without additional kicking.

sanuj srivastava

the workout looks great, My main stroke is butterfly swimming, I want to know can i use this workout for buttterfly ?

Nico Messer

Of course this workout can be used for any stroke. If you want to make it specific to the butterfly – most if not all of the kicking should be done butterfly kick and a big portion of them should focus on underwaters as well. With regards to the swimming parts, it obviously depends on how well you handle full stroke butterfly but most can be changed to include butterfly (i.e. last 300 as 75 fly FAST, 25 free or back easy).