Anopa Project – Empower 800 Deaf Kids in Ghana through Swimming

This project by Anopa will empower 800 deaf children through the teaching and learning of swimming in Ghana.

The project will provide education for deaf children through swimming. The kids will learn to play in water, learn the basics of swimming, and survival in water among others. There will be support to form swimming clubs in their institutions where the kids will be encouraged to participate in local and national competitions. The sport tutors of these kids will be trained in swimming to assist in the coaching and the overall development of these children to foster their individual development.

About ANOPA (Agoro Ne Obra PA)

Agoro Ne Obra PA is a Sport for Development Organization and a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Cape Coast, Ghana. ANOPA is an acronym which translates into meaning playing for a better life in English.

The Project has chosen Swimming as its leading sporting activity due to the fact that the project is located along the coastline of Ghana where the sea abounds. The swimming club of ANOPA known as the ANOPAPHINS is officially a member of the Ghana Swimming Association and has represented the central region in numerous swimming competitions in the country.

Resources and Additional Documentation

Thanks to our community supporting PSW with a premium membership,
we were able to make a donation of $100 to the Anopa Project on GlobalGiving.

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6 years ago

We are so grateful for your donation. It will go a long way to support special needs children to learn swimming. Please continue to follow our facebook page for more updates.