Lane 8 Fund

Lane 8 Fund

Lane 8 is a fundraiser to level the playing field for inner-city youth in the sport of swimming by Adam Monk. The name Lane 8 stems from the idea that in the sport of swimming, the swimmer in lane 8 is the underdog of the race.

A Matter of 50 Meters

A Matter of 50 Meters

The City of Mason is primed for a redevelopment to support their swim team the Mason Manta Rays, to upgrade their 25-meter facility to a 50-meter complex. This is a huge deal for the city, the surrounding area, and all who are interested in competitive swimming and aquatic sports.

Swim Strong Foundation

Swim Strong Foundation

Swim Strong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit whose mission is to save and change children’s lives. Swim Strong Foundation save lives by offering low to no cost swim lessons to children whose families cannot afford them.

Stats & Memberships Report: July 2021

The summer was once again busy in the first “post-Covid” season with championship meets running a bit different than we were used to in the past. We hope it was a successful end of season for your team – you can read about how it went for the team in Solothurn in the archives.

Stats & Memberships Report: June 2021

The end of June marks the halfway point of the year – it’s a busy time for swim coaches and for many of their teams the run-up to the end of season summer championship meets.

Stats & Memberships Report: May 2021

May was a month dedicated to training following all that fast swimming in April. Most teams were back to “the grind” focusing on their end of season meets while the swimming stars in Europe were trying to tweak their training for the European Championships.

Stats & Memberships Report: April 2021

April was a busy month with championship (or high level as per SwimSwam) meets scheduled all over the globe to provide athletes with opportunities to qualify for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Stats & Memberships Report: March 2021

During the month of March in 2020, most of us were either at the beginning or already in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. One year later, many of us are still struggling and going above and beyond regular schedules to allow our athletes to train.

Stats & Memberships Report: February 2021

During the shortest month of the year, we felt the love of the swimming community with numbers in our analytics system showing a slight increase compared to the first month of the year. With some countries allowing mostly the youth to return to training, coaches seem to be searching for ideas as they move from dryland back to their pools.

Stats & Memberships Report: January 2021

Although many countries went back into partial or even full shutdown at the beginning of the new year there were also plenty of teams with the opportunity to slowly get back into a routine with more regular pool access during the ongoing pandemic.