Stats & Memberships Report: August 2022

August provided more exciting racing at the European Championships in Rome with the Italian athletes absolutely on point for their home event in front of an electric crowd. For a lot of teams it was also time for a break and enjoy summer.

Stats & Memberships Report: August 2022

Our own Coach Nico spent a couple weeks teaching learn-to-swim classes and leading the Summer Camp for the up-and-coming Swiss Junior athletes kicking off their season in Tenero.

Last month we saw a single spike in our pageviews and without knowing what exactly produced this high number on the day, we did experience similar activities in the past and our best guess is some type of “bot” hitting our platform. With that we were back down to about 7k for the month of August and thus most other KPIs also around 10% lower. This is just another example why we don’t focus too much on numbers and rather rely on our communities’ valuable (negative or positive) feedback to define “successful business”.

Upcoming Conferences

As a “service” to the swimming coaches, we want to share some of the upcoming opportunities to attend conferences and learn from the best in our sport.

ASCA World Clinic, Sep 7-11, 2022 in Las Vegas
SWIMCON22 by Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia, Sep 17-20, 2022 at the Gold Coast
CSCA National Swim Coaches Conference, Sep 28 through Oct 2, 2022 in Whistler
Swim Ireland 2022 Coaching Conference in Association with the WSCA, Oct 15-16 in Dublin

At the time of publishing this monthly roundup, we have plans to be in attendance at SWIMCON22 in Australia and hope to catch-up with some of you in person.

Quote of the Month

You may already find many of them as part of our workout posts (or included in the PDF downloads) but we want to share some of our favorites during our monthly report.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” -BuddhaClick to Tweet

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