Stats & Memberships Report: April 2022

We took a few days off during the month of April and were able to combine much needed “R&R” with a short visit to the Helsinki Swimming Academy. The Mentorship Teams group through our partnership with Streamline Teams started to meet on a bi-weekly basis and some of the “learnings” on season planning made their way into April’s Teachable Tuesday blog post (see link further below).

Stats & Memberships Report: April 2022

April was a fantastic month for PSW! We soared to over 9k pageviews and also saw a big increase of visitors on our platform. During this exciting time with plenty of Trials or Championship meets on schedule, we also noticed an higher interest for taper workouts.

Quote of the Month

You may already find many of them as part of our workout posts (or included in the PDF downloads) but we want to share some of our favorites during our monthly report.

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”
-Robert Collier
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Read Coach Nico’s latest Teachable Tuesday blog “The Roadmap: Your Season Plan“.


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