The Swim Brief – On Test Sets

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For this episode of the Swim Brief Podcast, we got North Baltimore Aquatic Club Senior and 2008 US Olympic Coach Paul Yetter to weigh in on “Test Sets”. Why do we use them? What are they for? And what are they exactly?

Paul Yetter goes deep, including an explanation of how Jon Urbanchek’s color charts helped him to become a better coach in 2006 and ways you need to scale what you measure to different types of swimmers.

I really don’t do too much in the way of test sets. I guess we do repeat sets so we could call them test sets?! It’s a very small portion of our training. We do 10×300 on 330 SCY or something of that sort but I really am less consistent than I should be to call it a test set. I use it for Jon Urbancheck’s color chart placement.

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Put your stopwatches away for a full practice.

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