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Dreamfuel – Send Elk Grove Aquatics to the 41st Annual Washington Open Swim Meet

Dreamfuel – Send Elk Grove Aquatics to the 41st Annual Washington Open Swim Meet

Help Elk Grove Aquatics Club sending their kids to Washington to open their eyes to the larger world of USA Swimming and competitive sport.

Competing in the Annual Washington Open Swim Meet will let their kids shine on an even larger stage and see what the results of all their hard work and training can do. It gives them a chance to be ambassadors of The Gator Way.

Elk Grove Aquatics

Elk Grove Aquatics Club develops character athletes. They follow a philosophy of winning that teaches their athletes to get something out of every situation, rather than complaining. To be prepared, rather that just to show up and call themselves a swimmer. To be consistent, rather than occasional. To be early, rather than just on time. To do more rather than just enough. To be mentally tough, rather than mentally lazy or intimidated. To think about solutions, rather than worry about the problems. To think and act positively, rather than negatively. To seek knowledge, rather than assume. To take responsibility, rather than seek refuge in excuses. This is the Gator Way.

We are proud to support swimming related Dreamfuel campaigns with a $100 donation each and want to thank all of our premium members who make this possible!

About Dreamfuel

Dreamfuel is the premier high-level crowd-funding platform specifically designed by and for athletes. They work with each athlete or athletic organization to tap into the community that surrounds them, thereby engaging new fans and supporters along the way.

There is an assumption that all Olympians, Olympic hopefuls and elite athletes have sponsors. This is far from the case, as 85% of Olympic hopefuls’ income is less than 15k USD / year. Dreamfuel’s goal is to provide athletes with a new revenue stream to support their incredible efforts outside of or in addition to the traditional means of sponsorships and governing body stipends.

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