Swim with Heart

Swim with Heart was founded in 2010 by Michael Erin Flaherty. At Swim with Heart they are a TEAM! Their goal is to help your kiddo be the best that he or she can be!

Their teacher are experts, who will help your child learn to blow bubbles, breathe through their mouth, and sometimes even learn to talk and walk! Becoming part of their swim team can change your child’s life!

“Anything is possible, when you’re surrounded by people who believe in your potential!”

Swim with Heart has received multiple awards and numerous grants. Donations are at the core of Swim with Heart’s ability to make a positive impact on their Santa Monica and surrounding communities. Please join us and help them grow!

SWH Mission

Our mission is to provide children, teens, and young adults with disabilities customized instruction in the sport of swimming in order to develop and enhance their strengths.

SWH teaches with love and fun and all of our coaches come from a “can do and capable” attitude, rather than a disability attitude. We prefer to think of what we do as “fine tuning their capabilities,” rather than focusing on what they may not be able to do.

Everyone learns differently. We figure out what each individual needs and teach them that way. After swimming with SWH, life begins to fill with possibility!

Find out more about Swim with Heart on their website at http://www.swimwithheart.org/

ProSwimWorkouts was able to make a $100 donation in September 2016.
Thanks to all of our premium members who make this possible!

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