Swimmer’s Ear – Episode 15 – Guessing Weird Drill Names

For this episode of the Swimmer’s Ear, I took to Facebook to find the weirdest drill names that coaches have in their arsenal, and I tried to guess what the drills were!

We’ve got some very strange ones such as “Hairball drill” or “Amphibious 50s” among many more that didn’t get covered on this episode. Thanks to everyone who submitted a weird drill name! Please let me know if I guessed right, and if I didn’t – share the knowledge and let me know what the actual drill is!

Join our conversation on Facebook in the “Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group” (closed group; need to be “approved” by the group admins and have a Facebook account) or leave a comment below, if you’re no longer on Facebook. We’d love for all of you to continue sharing your favorite drills with us!

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