Swimmer’s Ear – Episode 17 – Take Pride

In this episode Coach Sarah briefly discusses two different scenarios she found herself faced with recently, both of which caused her to think more critically about the ways she takes pride in the coaching profession.

Firstly, Coach Sarah shares some of her mixed feelings about Coach Bob Bowman headlining/speaking at the BC Swim Coaches Conference. She had talked to Coach Chris DeSantis about this prior to attending the conference and was surprised to find out a lot of coaches in Canada hadn’t really been aware of the accusations involving Coach Bowman.

Obviously and unfortunately, we have had more than one troubling headline involving “big name” coaches this past summer – one of them being Mark Schubert (Head Coach at Mission Viejo Nadadores) who was schedule to talk at the ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches Summit, however, shortly before was taken off the speaker list but did deliver talks at the ASCA World Clinic.

Coach Chris DeSantis and Coach Nico recently talked about other coaching clinics from this past summer
on the Swim Brief Podcast in the episode “Take Me To the Clinic“.

In the second part of the episode, Coach Sarah shares her opinion on “Dress Code” after her team hosted their annual awards night where she felt slightly “overdressed” and how all this relates to the title of the episode “Take Pride”.

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