Swimmer’s Ear – Episode 3 – Test Sets for Development Swimmers

What metrics are most useful to you in your coaching? Which ones give you the best sense of your athletes’ development?

In this episode I share the five sets I’m using this year to gauge my group’s progress through my season plan.

Coach Chris DeSantis and Nico Messer also talked about “Test Sets” with special guest Coach Paul Yetter on the Swim Brief. You can listen to this episode for more opinions and insights on test sets.

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Jamie Roberts
4 years ago

What is the typical amount of time you wait between the test sets? Do you do one a week and then once you’ve covered all five, start the cycle again? Thank you. Your podcast is very helpful to me as a fairly new coach.

Jamie Roberts
Reply to  Sarah MacDonald
4 years ago

One each day of that week?

Reply to  Jamie Roberts
4 years ago

I would have to listen to the episode again myself but do believe that the “them” in Sarah’s comment was more targeting tests sets in general. I used to run some “test set” on a weekly basis with the more advanced athletes while working with the Swiss Army group. In my opinion, it also depends on what you are actually testing that will probably influence the regularity as well.

Jamie Roberts
Reply to  Nico Messer
4 years ago

In her podcast, she gives a specific list of 5 test sets that she would do every month. I really like her examples. I’m mostly wondering if she does them all in one practice or one per day for a week and then repeat the same test sets a month later.