Oct 22, 2012 – Järfälla Simsällskap

Järfälla Simsällskap

We did this workout yesterday and it is a tough and challenging one. The warm-up was long because we had been out of training for a day and it takes a while to get your body started again.

Oct 20, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

T2 Aquatics (USA)

The Main Series in this workout should be viewed in two parts. First, I set up the Main Series, which is geared toward cycling through a set of 150s and 75s freestyle. I’d like the 150s to be fast, and the 75s to be faster. Next, I set up the “Pre-Set”. In the case of today’s workout our preset was set up to mimic the main series.

Oct 16, 2012 – Blue Wave Swim Team

Blue Wave Swim Team

This Tuesday afternoon workout was designed to target Lactate Tolerance and keep our athletes aware of the feeling at the end of a race. I always look at our workout as a whole and think “every set is a main set”, to where each element builds up and is intertwined somehow.

Oct 15, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

T2 Aquatics (USA)

We are gearing up for the Florida State High School Championships coming up in early November. This workout gave our athletes an opportunity to swim with great stroke.

Sep 27, 2012 – Vevey Natation

Vevey Natation

We have about an hour for most of our morning workouts. Our goal for all of those morning swims is to complement the afternoon sessions or use it as an active recovery “tool” after a hard workout the night before.

Aug 18, 2010 – Fighting Manatee Swim Club

Fighting Manatee Swim Club

Long course Wednesday morning workout from my time with the Fighting Manatee Masters Swim Team in Florida. One of our goals was to improve all four strokes to a level where everyone on the team could compete in at least one other stroke than freestyle.

Sep 25, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

T2 Aquatics (USA)

We have not been very good with our underwater kicking this fall, so in this practice, we focused on dolphin kicks off every wall.

Week #38, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

T2 Aquatics (USA)

I feel that to get a good sense of what’s going on in a workout, we’ve got to understand how the workout fits into the week, month, season, and year. Here is an example of how we start the week at T2 Aquatics on Monday, and then Tuesday.

The AM workout on Monday is not included (it tends to be pretty general, mixing of strokes — and is either 3500 yards or 5500-6500 yards depending on schoool requirements as well as the individual).

Our Monday session is mainly aerobic threshold work, and this Monday we plan to do some IM work (FreeIM which is Free, Back, Breast, Free) to be specific. We are setting up a Freestyle Active Rest set on Tuesday. Oftentimes we will train Freestyle threshold on Mondays and go to “Stroke” or “IM” Active Rest on Tuesdays. I view a week’s worth of workouts as one continuous body of work, so it’s important to me set up more than one day at a time.

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Feb 2, 2012 – Ironman Mike Aigroz

Mike Aigroz - Ironman

This a distance and pace oriented morning workout from professional Ironman athlete Mike Aigroz. The main set consisted of broken 300’s building up speed and repeat it over a longer time.