8×1000 – Distance Group at Henderson State University

The goal for the workout was to work on endurance and pacing during the workout. The intervals can be changed, and there was only a 2 hour window to do the whole workout, and I did want to have a good amount of rest for each 1000.


1 = warm-up on 14:00

2 = 100 free/100 IM repeat 5 times. This is still apart of warm-up; again on 14:00

3-5 = descending 70% on #3, 80% on #4, and 90% on #5. Pulling was optional. Intervals are 13:00, 12:45, and 12:30

6 = 1000 broken 10 seconds each 200. The goal is to come within 10 seconds of your best time in the 1000. This was on 14:15

7 = 1000 recovery on 13:30

8 = 1000 all-out from the blocks, goal is to be within 10 seconds of your broken 1000. This was on no interval

When they finished, they swam down anywhere between a 500 and a 1000, depending on how much time was left before dryland and stretching.

WORKOUT TOTAL: 8500 – 9000

This workout was provided by Henderson State Graduate Assistant Coach Pieter Ritz.

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