Aug 31, 2022 – Prosper Aquatic Club

On Wednesdays, our water time is shortened due to water polo games for the high school. This week, I wanted to begin to throw a little more speed work their way. Since we are still early-season and building up endurance and stamina, I am constantly looking to change up variables (length of fast swim, length of rest, number of repeats without extra rest, etc.).

For this workout, we started off working on some underwater kicking; then moved onto some review of skills and drills for freestyle. Then we hit the main series, which increased the length of fast swimming (25-50-75), while maintaining the same recovery distance (75), but decreasing the number of repetitions (5x/4x/3x). This is a set that starts easy and allows the swimmers to find speed and build confidence. Then challenges them to maintain that speed and build on good habits as they go.

We ended the workout with a 100 freestyle for time just to have them race a little bit!


1×200 @ 4:00 warm up

8×25 @ :35 free w/fins alt swim to mid+dive+UW race kick to wall/swim mid+flip+UW
1×50 @ 1:00 fast UWk prog 6/7/8 x round

10×50 @ 1:00 free d/s w/snorkel
4×75 @ 1:25 free kick prog UW 4/6/8
8×25 @ :25 free w/paddles alt sm/fast 1 breath

1×25 @ 1:00 free FAST
1×75 @ 1:30 free smooth
1×50 @ 1:00 free FAST
1×75 @ 1:30 free smooth
1×75 @ 1:00 free FAST
1×75 @ 1:30 free smooth
1:00 rest
1×100 @ 2:00 free ALL OUT FAST


This workout was provided by Prosper Aquatic Club Head Coach Brad Robbins.

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