Feb 21, 2023 – Aloha Aquatica – Ben Proud

Sprint focused Tuesday evening workout from British World, European and Commonwealth Champion Ben Proud spending time training with the Aloha Aquatica Pro Swim Team.


300 Free Flow

3x (CH equip):
2×25 DR 1×50 3 breaths, min SC
1×50 2 breaths, min SC
1×50 Kick by Rd: 25 @ 84%; 20 @ 88%; 15 @ 92%
1×50 of 10yd strong scull by Rd: 1. bucket scull; 2. front scull; 3. quick catch

Main event:
15x15m sprints @ 1:10
Hold: 1. Technique; 2. 1.0 tempo; 3. 5.8-6.0′


This workout was provided by Aloha Aquatica Pro Swim Team Head Coach Elliot Ptasnik.

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