Jul 12, 2022 – Aloha Aquatica – Andrii Govorov

Sprint focused Tuesday evening workout from Ukrainian World Record holder Andrii Govorov spending time training with the Aloha Aquatica Pro Swim Team.


500 (200 Swim / 200 Kick / 100 Swim)

4x(4×50 @ :20 RI)
(1) Kick w/ Fins; (1) Swim Pulling Paddles (1) Swim w/ Fins (1) Swim Fins and Paddles

4x 6″ Vertical Kick + 3 Vertical Jumps @ 1:15
5min rest
6×15 Sprint @ 1:15 on cord as 3x UWK + 3x 6UWK+2cyc
5min rest
6×15 Sprint @ 1:15 w/ PC as 2x Kick w/fins + 4x F+P
5min rest
6×15 Sprint @ 1:15 as 2x Kick w/ fins + 4x Fins
5min rest
1x25m OTB nada


This workout was provided by Aloha Aquatica Pro Swim Team Head Coach Elliot Ptasnik.

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