Feb 7, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Back to the pool this Wednesday after a few busy days that kept me out of the water. Decided to work off short blocks of 100’s mixing low-end aerobic freestyle & backstroke and sets of 25’s alternating sculling & underwater kicking.

Workout PM

5×100 cruise w/fins as 75 back, 25 free @1’40
4×25 w/fins as 1x scull, 1x UW fly kick R10-15”

4×100 cruise w/fins as 75 free, 25 back @1’40
4×25 w/fins as 1x UW fly kick, 1x scull R10-15”

3×100 cruise w/fins as 25 free, 50 back, 25 free @1’40
4×25 scull w/fins R10-15”

2×100 cruise w/fins as 1x free, 1x back @1’40
4×25 UW fly kick w/fins R10-15”

100 fly one arm drill w/fins
8×25 fly DPS w/fins @30”

4×50 free cruise @55”
100 back loosen


This workout was provided by Coach Nico Messer.

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