Jan 29, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Onto week two and slowly starting to have a better feel for the water again. Not aiming to push volume or do any “crazy” things, however, trying to integrate a couple faster efforts with the underwater kicking sprints towards the end.

Workout PM

300 w/fins as 25 (front scull, FKOB, fly one arm drill), 75 (2x back, 1x free)
4×100 w/fins as 25 fly DPS, 25 back, 50 free @1’40

200 w/fins as 25 (front scull, fly kick on side – 12.5 each), 75 back
3×100 w/fins as 25 fly DPS, 25 back, 25 fly DPS, 25 free @1’40

100 fly kick w/fins as 25 on side, 25 on back
4×25 UW fly kick w/fins (15″ vertical kick before each 25) @1′

100 w/fins as 25 scull, 25 double arm back
4×25 w/fins as 1x fly (15 UW kick sprint, 10 one arm drill easy), 1x free (15 sprint, 10 easy) @1′

300 free w/fins loosen


This workout was provided by Coach Nico Messer.

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