Mar 2, 2024 – Messer Aquatic Performance

Back in the pool following a week-long hiatus. It was quite the busy Saturday at Schwimmhalle Neufeld in Bern and also “only” long course available for lap swimmers. Therefore I decided on a mix of longer swims and short set of 50’s to work around the crowd as well as make it fit my time window. As you might expect, it wasn’t the best “feeling” swim after this “forced break”.

Workout AM

1000 cruise as 150 free, 50 back, 25 scull, 150 free, 50 back, 25 scull, 50 FKOB
12×50 as 2x free cruise @55″, 1x FKOB @1’10

200 as 25 scull, 50 fly drill, 25 scull, 50 fly drill, 50 fly kick on side
[ fly drill: 25 1-1-1, 25 1-1-2 – no breath on full strokes ]

3×50 as 25 free no breath, 25 back R15-20″
50 double arm back loosen


This workout was provided by Coach Nico Messer.

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