Best Workouts and Resources of 2021

Year two of the global pandemic wasn’t much less of a challenge and not as much of a return to normalcy as we were hoping to experience. This past year also impressively highlighted how hard it’s to imagine that any profession is more important and has had as significant of an impact on other people than the coaching profession!

Creativity and being able to adapt to ever changing constraints was still a big part of our daily lives. Running practices and attending meets required a new level of preparedness. Coaches all over the world spent countless additional hours working to provide their athletes with the best possible training and support. And their results clearly showed – your work was and is amazing!

Best Workouts and Resources of 2021

A full month downtime of our platform in October 2020 lead to many additional hours spent in 2021 to ensure a similar “incident” hopefully won’t ever happen again in the future. 2022 will be our 10th year running and back in smooth waters, we aim to make it a special one!

Throughout 2021, we published 255 new workouts, attracted 661 listeners to our Podcasts, and registered 94 views of our videos. Pageviews increased just over 10% to 77k during this past year.

Our highlight was that the platform allowed us to give back and support the swimming community again. Thank you for being an integral part of our community – we are incredibly proud to have served you this past year!

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The following sixteen workouts & resources by our Contributors have been most popular during the year – which ones were your favorite?

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Top Podcasts

– PSW Podcast – Episode 2 – Richard Sleight
– PSW Podcast – Episode 1 – Barry Prime
– The Swim Brief – On Test Sets

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