Best Workouts and Resources of 2019

Another year has been and gone, and we’d like to toast to your wins in 2019, whether they were great or small. To close out 2019, let’s take a glance back at the numbers for the ProSwimWorkouts platform.

Google Analytics tell us that we had about 150k pageviews over the span of the year, 146’415 to be exactly – a “significant” decrease of 30% from last year. We publish an update nearly every day from a variety of coaches with the hope that it’s interesting and exposes us all to new ideas. Throughout 2019, we posted 304 workouts (more than in 2018) and only 5 Podcast episodes.

Best Workouts and Resources of 2019

2019 was an exciting year for swimming with the start of the International Swim League (ISL). This new “meet format” is an attempt to give athletes an opportunity to make a living and compete in a professional circuit in a similar fashion as we know this from sports like American Football or Basketball. Of course, other meets have done a good job in the past providing athletes with cash prices and we are very proud to be a small part of that mouvement by supporting the Lausanne Swim Cup for four straight years.

The goal of our platform is to share information, resources, and help advance the swim coaching profession. In short through serving coaches, we aim to become a trusted source for swim coaching professionals. One way we have been providing opportunities for coaches is through our partnership with the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) and the scholarship for their yearly Summit.

We are working on adding other opportunities and more value for visitors and members of our platform in the future. Things are moving slow at times and they are small steps. Nonetheless, we know that every little bit helps and we will keep providing all the details on how we make a difference.

Our biggest joy in this time of the year is the opportunity to say “THANK YOU“. We’re continually humbled by the positive feedback and are grateful that so many of you feel our platform is having an impact in your daily coaching. Thank you for inspiring us – we’re excited for the coming year!

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and successful 2020. It’s gonna be fun!

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The following sixteen workouts & resources and five Podcasts by our Contributors have been most popular during the year – which ones were your favorite?

Top 16

  1. Coaching Children Aged 8 to 11 [Resource]
  2. 3×3 Swim Plan
  3. Coach Stuart – 50 Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training
  4. T2 Aquatics – Active Rest Taper Practice
  5. Broken Swim Chart by Coach Kevin Pierce [Resource]
  6. PSU Club Swim – Sprint Stroke
  7. T2 Aquatics – Lactate Tolerance
  8. Stanford Kicking
  9. T2 Aquatics – Age Group Workout
  10. 100 x 100’s on the 100
  11. Jul 15, 2014 – Podium Swim Club – Speed & VO2max
  12. Rattler JO Group – Sprint 50 Set
  13. May 4, 2016 – Podium Swimming – High School Push Into State Meet Taper
  14. T2 Aquatics – Meet Warmups [Resource]
  15. T2 Aquatics – Post-Meet Workout
  16. Jun 23, 2016 – PSA – Capacity Session – Anaerobic Power Set

Find all workouts and resources in our archives.

Top Podcasts

  1. The Swim Brief – Lets Nerd Out About Some Swim Workouts
  2. The Swim Brief – Real Talk With Alexis Keto
  3. The Swim Brief – Nico Turns the Tables
  4. The Swim Brief – Checking In With Nicolas Messer
  5. The Swim Brief – Taper Talk

Listen to more episodes in our archives.

Top Videos

  1. Kayak Drill
  2. Freestyle Relaxation Drills
  3. Sprint Recovery with Coach Mark Hill
  4. Breaststroke Speed Drill
  5. 5 by 5 Turn Sprint

Watch more videos in our archives.

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