Stats & Memberships Report: January 2021

Although many countries went back into partial or even full shutdown at the beginning of the new year there were also plenty of teams with the opportunity to slowly get back into a routine with more regular pool access during the ongoing pandemic.

Best Workouts and Resources of 2020

It was a challenging year for many of us including more downs than ups and yet there have also been unexpected things that have come out of it.

Stats & Memberships Report: December 2020

December isn’t only the time of the year where we prepare to look back on our journey through 2020 – in the swimming community, it’s also the time of the year where many coaches and teams are preparing for their holiday training over Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Stats & Memberships Report: November 2020

We were very happy to start sharing daily workouts again during the month of November and see the momentum of growth continue after the sudden halt during the global lockdowns.

The Swim Brief – Swim Brief Returns! with Nico Messer

The Swim Brief Podcast with Chris DeSantis

Chris DeSantis’ life changed dramatically somewhere around March of this year when the pandemic started to hit the US. After successfully recording over 100 episodes of the Swim Brief Podcast, however, the show came to an abrupt stop.

Stats & Memberships Report: September 2020

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During the month of September things were going great for our platform! With the global pandemic slowing down in many places, teams were returning to their pools and we saw an increasing interest for workout ideas.

Stats & Memberships Report: August 2020

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

August should have been a very exciting month for our sport with the swimming events at the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to close on the 1st with one last final session.

Stats & Memberships Report: June 2020

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

We are already halfway through the year again and nobody could have imagined the challenges all of us had to face during the last weeks & months. With teams slowly and safely returning to the pools, we are also continuing to see increased activity on our platform.