Stats & Memberships Report: March 2013

During the month of March, Coach Paul Yetter shared a video from his team in Naples, taken during a visit of USA Swimming Master Coach Bob Steele. We posted the video on our blog and highly recommend to watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Assistant Coach Joshua Huger joined us as a contributing coach in March. You can already find many workouts by Coach Huger in our archives.

Traffic and Other Metrics

Analytics March 2013
Overall traffic graph from our Google Analytics Account
Site Visitors: 4,130 (-8.5%)
Page Views: 12,611 (-23.3%)
Twitter Followers: 1,268 (+7.1%)
Facebook Fans: 459 (+5.3%)
# of Workouts posted: 21

Top 5 Workouts or Resources in March

  1. T2 Aquatics – Active Rest “Fountain” Set
  2. T2 Aquatics – Active Rest Stroke Set
  3. T2 Aquatics – Resistance/Kicking Circuit
  4. PSU Club Swim – Sprint Stroke
  5. Stanford Kicking

Memberships (Income)

  • Gross Income from Premium Memberships: $226.20
  • Total Fees with PayPal: $13.62
  • Net Income through Premium Memberships: $212.58

You can find more information on exact membership numbers and how we split the premium memberships revenue with our contributing coaches on our “How We Make A Difference” page. Also if you would like to support a specific coach on ProSwimWorkouts, please visit his/her profile page and use the coupon code there to get a discount on your subscription (new or upgrade).


With Championship season all over the globe, we all have been busy traveling for meets and it wasn’t always easy to keep posting workouts. For this reason we have created a gallery on our Facebook page where we started to post photos from the whiteboards at the pool (or our iPhones and iPads). This is a quick and easy way for us to make a workout available to the community.

And you might have noticed the banner for the “Workouts for Swim Coaches” iPad app. We’re excited to start working with Bruce Garland, the developer of this great app, on future releases – more details on this collaboration to follow soon. Let us know your thoughts if you have been using Bruce’s app or if you have any comments for us.


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