Sep 17, 2020 – Sault Surge Aquatic Team

Third day back trying to build in a little bit of speed, but primarily focus on gaining it from the kick.


600 as 100 free low sc/50 stroke drill (regroup)
200 choice kick 25 plough/25 regular (regroup)
8×25 choice 15 green/10 clear :35

Kick set (3 rounds):
4×75 stroke kick build to red 1:25
4×25 uwfk green :40
100 stroke kick red 2:00
*go straight through, no extra rest between rounds

Main set (2 rounds):
4×100 as 75 free pink/25 stroke red 1:40
100 choice drill white 2:00
200 as 150 free/50 stroke red (regroup + :60 rest)
*ride your legs, make them do the hard work

Cool down:
On your own!


This workout was provided by Sault Surge Aquatic Team Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

Additional Comments
– uwfk = underwater fly kick
– sc = stroke count
– plough = kickboard vertical, half submerged

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