Sep 23, 2020 – Sault Surge Aquatic Team

Prior to COVID, I was a paper notebook/whiteboard coach. I was forced to switch to an online option so I could print copies for everyone, so I took to writing a blurb at the top (that usually went unread).

Here was the one for this day:
It’s early days, so we’re going to work on efficiency. This means lots of UW, lots of SC, lots of DPS. The goal is to work on this cerebrally now and continue practicing it physically forever. Nothing is ever “one and done,” lessons need to carry through into your everyday training.


400 free or back ↑ uwfk x 100 (regroup)
*carry through the challenging number of uwfk for the rest of practice
8×50 as 1 free, 1 stroke; count strokes :55
8×25 choice 15 green/10 clear :35

Efficiency set (3 rounds):
4×100 free or back fins and paddles 1:35
*count strokes, should be less than in WU
2×75 free or back ↓ sc x 25 (reset every 75) 1:20
*no fins or paddles

Main set (2 rounds):
4×25 free or back mini max :35
3×200 free or back @ challenging sc (hold) 2:50

Cool down:
On your own!


This workout was provided by Sault Surge Aquatic Team Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

Additional Comments
– uwfk = underwater fly kick
– sc = stroke count
– mini max = minimal strokes at maximum speed (golf)

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