Sep 29, 2020 – Sault Surge Aquatic Team

Five swimmers responded to Saturday’s blurb, so for this week there’s a swimmer-submitted set for each day. I gave the swimmers basic guidelines to follow, but ultimately they wrote the set. Remember, this is also breaststroke week, much to their dismay! Kevin is a huge fan of kick, so unsurprisingly his set is focused in that area.

This week also marked the beginning of Swimming Canada’s #SwimAgain Challenge, so we had to do a 200 kick for time to submit for ranking against all of Canada.


9×50 IM switches 3 drill, 3 kick, 3 swim 1:10
300 as 75 free BSC/25 breast 2K1P (regroup)
8×25 choice 15 green/10 clear :35

Kevin set:
3x 200 kick for time – any kick, only one pull into walls (regroup)
12 x 25 kick ↓ 1-6 twice to red :40
*round 3 must be breaststroke

Breast focus set:
2x 4×25 head-up scull – as high as possible :50
4×50 cobra w/ pullbuoy (only 1K1P, drive forward) :60
4×100 as 1 – 25 breast 2K1P low sc/25 free BSC , 1 – IM pink w/ breast green 1:50

Cool down:
On your own!


This workout was provided by Sault Surge Aquatic Team Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

Additional Comments
– BSC = base stroke count
– 2k1p = two kick one pull
– cobra = breast with fly kick

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