Sep 26, 2020 – Sault Surge Aquatic Team

Another fast Saturday! At this point I was realizing the swimmers weren’t really reading the blurbs at the top of their workouts … I’d always include a quick guide to the colour zone system and a legend of abbreviations, but I’d still get “what’s red?” or “what does dps mean?” so I got creative:

This is a test to see who is reading the blurbs. If you’re interested in writing a challenging set for the group to swim one day next week, tell me that “Ian Thorpe is the greatest Olympian” during practice this morning. If more than 5 people take part, we’ll extend into the week after next. No cheating; make people work for the privilege!


400 choice mix (regroup)

Main set:
50s on 1:01
* this is a massive descending set. Swimmers must ALWAYS finish their 50 before their initial push-off time. If you push off on red 10 for your first 50, you must touch the wall before red 10 on every subsequent 50 even though your pushoff changes by :01 every rep.
** you can start out any way you want – kick, drill, pull, stroke – but you must change to something faster when you get close to missing your return time. The final form is free with fins and paddles.
*** the fastest I’ve ever had a swimmer go on this set was a 27, it was incredible.

Cool down:
400 choice mix


This workout was provided by Sault Surge Aquatic Team Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

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