Sep 22, 2020 – Sault Surge Aquatic Team

Week 2 post-COVID restrictions. I wanted to start digging into the details, so we did a big drill set that I wanted to see immediately pay off in the main set.

The team had a universal freestyle issue – too much emphasis on high elbow recovery – that resulted in pinched, narrow, short pulls. I chose to address this with straight arm freestyle and a modified version of the classic (and misguided) finger drag drill: L drag.


12×50 ss/ks/sk/kk :60
4×100 free as 25 dps/25 high sr 1:45
8×25 choice 15 green/10 clear :35

Drill set (2 rounds):
300 free as 50 straight arm/50 L drag/50 swim (regroup)
4×75 free relaxed recovery + pull beside lines 1:30
6×50 stroke as 25 drill/25 swim :60

Main set:
8×75 free build balance relaxed recovery + high sr 1:20
8×50 stroke from above with improvements :60

Cool down:
On your own!

Workout Total: 4000

This workout was provided by Sault Surge Aquatic Team Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

Additional Comments
– ss/ks/sk/kk = 25s each swim/swim, kick/swim, swim/kick, kick/kick
– dps = distance per stroke
– sr = stroke rate
– L drag = palms open, fingers together, thumbs extended; drag thumb and index finger over the surface (wide- reaching “finger drag”)
– pull beside lines = swim on top of the black line on the pool bottom, but don’t let your hands cross over it while swimming freestyle (abolishing S-pull)

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