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Swiss Army Team – Optional Session 2 Week #4

Swiss Army Team – Optional Session 2 Week #4

Saturday morning session with some low-end aerobic work and few short sprints in all strokes. Nothing to hard in the pool as we added a heavy power session after the swim to conclude our week of training.

This workout was for only one athlete on the team who’s mainly focused on breaststroke and medley. We did have another athlete at practice that morning who did some resistance against the cord due to rehabilitating an ongoing hip injury.


700 reverse IM as 100 drill, 50 swim, 25 scull
12×50 IM order as 1x kick, 1x build, 1x (15 sprint, 35 easy) – fly & breast @1’05, back & free @55″

500 free as 100 regular, 25 feet first
8×50 as
odd: 25 free (12.5 surf kick, 12.5 head-up swim), 25 back build @55″
even: 20 sprint (10 fly surf kick, 10 head-up free w/fly kick, 30 double arm back easy) @1’05

Main set:
200 fly kick as 25 left side, 25 right side, 50 on back
2×100 FlyIM (fly drill) @1’50
4×25 fly strong as odd: flutter kick – even: regular @35″

200 back drill
4×50 back as odd: build @1′ – even: 10 spin drill, 40 easy @1’10

200 breast kick as 50 eggbeater, 50 regular
2×100 BreastIM (breast drill) @1’50
4×25 breast stromg as odd: flutter kick – even: regular @35″

200 free drill
4×50 free as odd: build breathe 5 @1′ – even: bubble sprint @1’10

Swim down:
300 free (pullbuoy optional) breathe 3-5-7 by 50
8×25 loosen as odd: breast pullouts – even: free relaxation drills R15″


This workout was provided by SpiSpoRS-Coach Nico Messer.

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About Nico Messer

Nico is currently not involved with a team. This past season he has been the Coach for the Swiss Swimming Army National Team. [Read Bio]

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