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Swiss Army Team – Optional Session 2 Week #6

Swiss Army Team – Optional Session 2 Week #6

Last session of the week with a focus on medley and breaststroke. This was a shorter workout with active recovery in mind, knowing that we will go lift after the swim as well this morning.

During the second part, all eggbeater was done as vertical kicking going right into the wall kicks. With this particular athlete we have also been working on his dive (foot placement in particular) and dedicated some extra time at the end to measure a couple 15 metres to track progress.

Workout AM

Part 1 – Warm-up:
16×50 as
4x free cruise speed @50″, 4x choice (25 kick, 25 drill) @1’10,
4x back cruise speed @50″, 4x choice (25 scull, 25 swim) @1’10

600 reverse IM as 75 drill, 50 swim, 25 scull

8×50 as 4x free DPS @45″, 4x stroke @55″

200 free (pullbuoy optional) breathe 3-5-3-7 by 50

Part 2 – Breaststroke Focus (2 rounds):
3×50 breast arm-leg coordination progression R15″
> 40″ eggbeater + 20x wall kicks FAST
2×50 breast 3-3-3 progression R15″
> 20″ eggbeater + 10x wall kicks FAST
50 breast as 25 load ‘n’ shot, 25 swim DPS
> 1′ breast against stretch cord (limit dead spaces) + 50 choice easy

> Part 3 – Starts


This workout was provided by SpiSpoRS-Coach Nico Messer.

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About Nico Messer

Nico is currently not involved with a team. This past season he has been the Coach for the Swiss Swimming Army National Team. [Read Bio]

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