Best Workouts and Resources of 2017

At ProSwimWorkouts we publish a workout (or resource) nearly every day, from a variety of coaches, with the hope that it’s interesting and exposes us all to new ideas. To close out 2017, let’s take a quick numbers-based glance back at PSW.

According to Google Analytics, which we’ve have installed, PSW had 191’783 pageviews in 2017. This is up by about 1% from last year. PSW seems to be spreading out internationally little by little. The United States is our “leader” with about 50% of traffic followed by the United Kingdom with just above 10%. Then it goes Australia, Canada, Germany and many more with a list of over 100 countries!

PSW Stats Year 2017

We also were on a publishing role with 345 workouts throughout 2017. The following sixteen workouts and resources by our growing list of Contributors have been most popular during the year 2017 – which ones were your favorite?

Top 16

  1. Coaching Children Aged 8 to 11 [Resource]
  2. T2 Aquatics – Active Rest Taper Practice
  3. Broken Swim Chart by Coach Kevin Pierce [Resource]
  4. Stanford Kicking
  5. T2 Aquatics – Meet Warmups [Resource]
  6. T2 Aquatics – Age Group Workout
  7. T2 Aquatics – Lactate Tolerance
  8. 3×3 Swim Plan
  9. Jul 15, 2014 – Podium Swim Club – Speed & VO2max
  10. USRPT – Southwest Stars Style
  11. Rattler JO Group – Sprint 50 Set
  12. Coach Stuart – 50 Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training
  13. 100 x 100’s on the 100
  14. Hamilton Aquatics – 100 Race Pace
  15. May 15, 2017 – NCAP West – Sunday Kick/IM Training
  16. Feb 19, 2017 – NCAP West – Aerobic Push

Find all workouts and resources in our archives.

Read our previous “Year in Review” post for 2016.

In 2017, we were able to accomplish the goal to produce “complementary content” through our partnership with Coach Chris DeSantis joining hin on his Podcast “The Swim Brief” on a regular basis. A “coat of fresh paint” and with it improving the usability of our mobile apps remains our goal in 2018.

To close out this “Year in Review”, I hope the site is worth visiting day after day and week after week. But most importantly – a very heartfelt thank you for being a part of this community!

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