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Oct 27, 2011 – Vevey Natation

Oct 27, 2011 – Vevey Natation

Get your legs in shape with this kicking focused workout from Vevey Natation.

400 free DPS
4×100 kick choice w/fins @1’45
300 IM (50 drill, 25 swim per stroke)
6×50 fins (25 UW, 25 swim choice) @1’
200 free DPS
8×25 FKOB (fly kick on back) w/fins @30”
100 free DPS

Main Set:
32×25 kick as follows:
8x free @50” (decrease interval by 5” each 25 – 8th smooth @50”), 8x stroke @40”, 8x free @25” (increase interval by 5” each 25 – 8th FAST @25”), 8x stroke @40”
200 easy choice
8×100 kick w/fins @1’45
odd: choice – even: FKOB (8 UW kicks of each wall)
100 easy choice

Swim Down:
300 free/back
10 bobs
100 easy swim choice
(done if HR under 100, otherwise swim another 100 easy)


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About Nico Messer

Nico is currently not involved with a team. This past season he has been the Coach for the Swiss Swimming Army National Team. [Read Bio]

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